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We help you find a job and we have one condition for that, finish the Bootcamp successfully. It's intense!

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We encourage and work with our graduates to engage in meaningful projects that helps our society for better.


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You won't regret joining us, so don't think twice. We transformed from being the first developer community in Afghanistan and we know what we are doing!

Our Instructors

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Samir Rahimy


Samir Rahimy is a full-stack software developer holding a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, from Kabul Polytechnic...

Hadis Daqiq


Hadis is based in San Francisco, she works as a full stack developer and she also coach part-time for an Interview Prep...

Aqila Farahmand


Aqila is passionate about technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science. Currently, she is doing...

Our Mentors

Meet our brilliant team of mentors

Fauzia Kargar


Fauzia is a CodeWeekend alumni, a developer and a passionate educator. She runs CodeWeekend's developer relations and spends...

Mostafa Rezaie


Mostafa Rezaie has been a web developer for the past four years, he's currently head of frontend development at RapidIteration,...

Aqil Hoshmand


Aqil Hoshmand is a software developer from Afghanistan at RapidIteration, he constantly uses PHP, Laravel, VueJS, MySQL...

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