The Computer Science curriculum in almost all public and private universities in Afghanistan are not up to date and mostly they rely heavily on theory, more than practice. Graduates from such faculties are not usually ready to get hold of a job and to enhance their skills, they face difficulty finding academies or courses to attend. This is one of the main reasons Computer Science graduates choose to work in areas other programming and coding and they feel the years they spent studying Computer Science is wasted and out of use.



Main challenges are:

  • Universities with out-dated resources and materials
  • Universities relying more on theory than practice
  • Limited employment opportunities as a developer in competitive market of Afghanistan
  • Lack of courses and resources
  • Lack of overall incentive to pursue programming and coding as a profession


CodeWeekend Approach

The web developer accelerator program is a 4-month intensive program in helping committed individuals learn how to code and launch new jobs in the market. The program is based on an in-house customized and developed a curriculum that includes lessons, assignments, collaborative project works among others.

Individuals are evaluated based on their answers to the application form and their interview after being shortlisted. The evaluation, ideally, are done by a panel of senior developers and mentors working in the software development industry.



Mehreen Najm is now working as a ٌWeb Developer at ZeerSign Software Solutions.