CodeWeekend Bootcamp – 2021

In 2019, among many other programs, we started the CodeWeekend Web Developer Coding Bootcamp, and made this our main focus. With limited resources but a lot of demand, we launched our pilot program, completely free of charge. The pilot was a smashing success and we graduated 12 of 20 participants. You can find their profiles along with some case studies on our website.

As tragic events unfolded in Afghanistan, we got more ambitious in continuing and scaling our coding bootcamp program and expand it to a remote, full time offering that covers both Afghan youth inside and outside Afghanistan. As part of our offering, we are continuously seeking partnerships with companies and organizations abroad to offer internships and job opportunities for our graduates. The Coding Bootcamp lasts six months, and includes a lifetime of coaching and mentoring for our graduates.

Our new cohort of CodeWeekend Bootcamp started October 23rd, 2021. We started strong with 75 participants that are aiming to sharpen their skills and advance their coding career journey. We are able to accommodate this many participants trough a great support from Scrimba. Our participants, all from Afghanistan, will use the Scrimba platform to learn to code and follow the courses, guidelines and career paths to prepare themselves for new and better jobs around the world.

You can support our work by hiring or providing internships to our future graduates, sponsoring our events or donating to help us launch our upcoming Coding Bootcamp.

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