CodeWeekend is Afghanistan’s first and largest developers community and has been actively educating next generation of Afghans learn to code for the past 7+ years. Since its founding, CodeWeekend has conducted hundreds of coding sessions, training and seminars for Afghan developers and those who wants learn to code in Afghanistan, alongside multiple large scale coding conferences in the country. In the past 7+ years, CodeWeekend engaged with, provided opportunity to learn to code and helped with up-skilling of over 1000+ computer science students and developers in Afghanistan.

In the year 2019, among many other programs, we started the CodeWeekend web developer coding bootcamp, and made it our main focus under CodeWeekend. With limited resources anda lot of demand, we launched our pilot program and did it completely free of charge. We were successful in our pilot, and graduated 12 out of 20 of participants, where you can find their profiles and more at:

We want to expand our program to a remote, full time offering that will cover both Afghan youth inside and outside Afghanistan. As part of our offering, we are planning to establish partnerships with companies and organizations abroad to offer internships and job opportunities for our graduates. The Coding Bootcamp will be for 4 months, and a lifetime of coaching and mentoring for our graduates.

The objective is to create new or better employment options for youth in Afghanistan and for Afghan refugees around the world through online coding bootcamps. The overall purpose is to:

  • Empower Afghan youth with new and in-demand skills
  • Create employment opportunities in industries that have labour shortages

The program duration is sixteen weeks, during which students are required to commit at least 40 hours per week for the sessions, activities and assignments. The program will enable the students to develop responsive user interfaces as well as create backend code to create fully functional web applications. The program will facilitate job placement for successful graduates. The placement includes either full-time, part time or freelance and remote jobs.

The curriculum will include the following structure:

Phase 0 – Prepwork

Get up to speed for the bootcamp

Phase 1 – Foundations

Learn the core concepts of programming, software architecture and relational databases.

Phase 2 – Web Development

Learn UI Design, front-end development and code your web applications with ReactJs and VueJs. PHP + Laravel will also be provided as part of the curriculum.

Phase 3 – Final Projects

Invent, design, code, deploy and pitch personal projects in teams.

Gofundme page dedicated for this cause is here:

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